Simple SEO Steps To Improve Your Ranking

Moving up in Google and other search engine’s rankings and improving your SEO doesn’t have to be rocket science. With just a couple steps, you can start to improve your website’s ranking right away.

Content, Content, Content: Yes, I know I harp on this, but the best way to get your site noticed by search engines is to have relevant content and a good amount of it.

Use Keywords: While you are adding that content, make sure that you are using good keywords/phrases that will help visitors find you. If your keywords and topics can match what people are searching for – you will be found. The key to keywords is knowing how people are searching. Use tools like: , and use Google’s auto-complete functionality – when you are in, start to do a search and check out the list that drops down, those are commonly searched words/phrases.

Answer a question: People ask questions in search engines. If you can answer questions with your content, Google will happily bump your pages up the rankings ladder. Again, use Google’s auto-complete to find how people are asking questions and then put the question and answer in your content. For example, “how do i get better google placement” and the answers are provided in this blog.

Page Title: Your page titles should include keywords that describe the page. Your company name does not have to be included in the title and if it is, put it at the end. If people are searching on your company name, they will easily find you. For all the others searching – they will be searching for keywords. Also, if you are a local business, including your city and state in the title will be extremely helpful.

Keyword Your Images: If you can change the filenames of your images, use keywords in the names rather than photo1, photo2. Most importantly, make sure you are using the ALT tag for your images and fill the text with keywords/phrases. Google and other search engines will check for all text that is on a page and that includes the captions and ALT tag that is behind the scenes.

Don’t Have An Empty Page: Make sure that you are including descriptive text about your products and services on all pages, especially the home page. A home page with a photo and links may look clean, but if there is no information, search engines and visitors will be turned off. Rather than a “click here” explain why the visitor should click, and yes, use keywords there as well.

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