What is a Responsive website?

Responsive is basically the term used to say that your website can be viewed properly on any device that can access it – desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones – the website resizes to match the screen size of the device.

Is this important to you?  Well, depending on your business, yes it probably is.

Conservative estimates are that over 40% of web viewing takes place on mobile devices.  If your business is a brick and mortar store, that percentage could be higher.  If your customers are out and about and finding your site on their mobile devices, they better be able to access the information they need such as your location and hours.  If they can not find that information quickly and easily, they may just move on to your competitors.

If you are looking for more information or want to make your website responsive, give DevIn Group a call.  We can answer your questions and help you make your website responsive.

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