6 Things Your Website Needs – Part 2

We previously went through the first three items that should be included in your website.

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Here are three more things you should always have on the home page:

Contact information:
By this I don’t always mean a picture of you and a phone number, although that might be important, however you should have your address and a map with directions if you have a physical location, an email address, phone number, or some other way for people to find you or your location so your customers can come to your store or ask a question, or better yet… place an order!

A “call to action” or an email signup box:
Now that your customer has arrived at your website, you want them to do something (come to your store, buy something, or get in touch with you). Another thing is to ask them to leave an email and you can keep in touch with them. Maybe even send them a newsletter if they sign up. Remember that people get bombarded with email and web messages many times a day. You want to make sure your call to action or reason to leave an email is strong enough that people will act on it.

Your logo, slogan, or brand:
Customers are at your site and have taken action, don’t forget that you want them to know who you are so they continue to come back to you. Get them to remember your logo or slogan so you are top of mind whenever they need or want what you have. Make sure they remember seeing your logo and reading your slogan so you are not forgotten as they get bombarded by your competitor’s messages.

These are the six things I told my friend to do. His response, “when can you start building our websites?”.

You don’t need to have the most expensive website, or a website with a lot of flash (that is a developer joke) to make money for your business. A good site with all the basics covered will do just fine.

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